Friday, 19 September 2008

VST might be dead, but I think we're still going!

Just a very quick blog to say that yes, we've noticed that the VST forum is, well, gone. No word on the news page from the admins either, which is hardly reassuring. Obviously, this has meant that the staff have had trouble getting in touch with each other. We're trying to sort that one problem out though, in the hope that we can continue to develop this series. Honestly, it's one setback after another these days isn't it?

Still, we shall do our best to ensure the continuation of the show!

(NOTE: For those wondering why I haven't fixed the VST forum myself, I gave up sole ownership of the site to a new team of owners a month or so ago, and obviously no longer have access to the hosting controls from where I'd contact our server provider to fix the issue. You'll have to bug Joshua Maley about that one)

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