Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Not long now...

As I write this, final work is being completed on episode four, ahead of it being submitted to the Pilot Season panel over at mzp-tv.co.uk. Fingers crossed, eh?!

Also, today saw the final plan put together for our third season, with 13 episode breakdowns to match the 13 empty spaces that were on the schedule. Safe to say, it's the most connected season story we've tried to deliver yet, and promises to really push our characters to their limits. Expect the usual fun you've come to expect from KH though, particularly episode 3x11, which could be the closest thing to a comedy KH has ever done. And don't forget about our huge third season finale! That will top even The Creator, the season one finale.

Yes, it's crazy that we're discussing third season episodes when we don't even have a home for season one yet, but hopefully it shows you how we're confident of finally delivering you the WHOLE Knight's Haven story this time out.