Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Not long now...

As I write this, final work is being completed on episode four, ahead of it being submitted to the Pilot Season panel over at mzp-tv.co.uk. Fingers crossed, eh?!

Also, today saw the final plan put together for our third season, with 13 episode breakdowns to match the 13 empty spaces that were on the schedule. Safe to say, it's the most connected season story we've tried to deliver yet, and promises to really push our characters to their limits. Expect the usual fun you've come to expect from KH though, particularly episode 3x11, which could be the closest thing to a comedy KH has ever done. And don't forget about our huge third season finale! That will top even The Creator, the season one finale.

Yes, it's crazy that we're discussing third season episodes when we don't even have a home for season one yet, but hopefully it shows you how we're confident of finally delivering you the WHOLE Knight's Haven story this time out.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Two hundred years later...

...Attack Team Epsilon took place.

Yes that's right, we've now officially got a sister show on the go. MZP-TV picked up my webisode series pitch, Attack Team Epsilon, for launch later this year. The series takes place just over two centuries after KH, but within the same continuity.

More news soon, but without a doubt we're close to establishing an actual Knightverse of some sort!

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Opening Titles [VIDEO]

Monday, 1 August 2011

Five in the bag!

I had considered using this blog to give you all a run down of what's happened in the few years that KH has been off the radar, but I've opted not to do that now. Time to look forward, not backward.

Last night, Phil Wilson completed his first script for KH, currently slotted into 2x03. That now means we've got five scripts in the bag for Season Two, which is just superb. I've read half of it, and so far it's a great character study with some fun moments for fans of TOS.

To have five new KH scripts written is so amazing for me, as there was a time that such a thing just didn't seem possible. But here we are, almost halfway through our second season, and planning our third. Fantastic!

We're also now in August, which means that next month will be when we find out if MZPtv will be picking us up to join their growing list of shows. A very surreal situation, especially as KH was originally around when MZP was nowhere near the kind of magnificent website it has become now.

Should they pass on us...? Well, let's not think about that just yet!

Thursday, 30 June 2011

What inspired the comeback...

The irony in KH's return is that it was inspired by Bard Investigations. I'd read the latter show upon my return to the world of VS, and was very impressed. Immediately, I felt a desire to bring back KH. Little did I know that Bard Investigations, he show that inspired the return of my own project, was in fact full of multiple instances of plagiarism which would eventually lead to its cancellation and the expulsion of its showrunner from many online writing communities.

Initially, I ignored the urge to bring back KH. Why? Because I didn't want to bring it back only to not see it through to the end again. The show means a lot to me, and I didn't want to mess it around again. Eventually, I decided that we should do one final movie to wrap it up. Of course, the movie would have to ignore a lot of the cliffhangers from the series finale, but we soon worked out how to do this in a way that made narrative sense.

After working out the basic plot of the movie, along with some of the action set pieces, etc, I started to re-read the first season. By this point, I'd contacted Jon and Adam and got them back involved. Whilst reading the first season, I suddenly started to miss these characters and the setting. Suddenly, the movie didn't seem like enough...it wasn't going to satisfy my need to properly give this group of characters a send off. I wanted to tell my original story, the one that was meant to be spread over five seasons (six at a stretch!).

And suddenly I thought...why the f*ck couldn't we write a full second season, and beyond?

At that moment, Knight's Haven returned as an ongoing series.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Better late than never...right?

I think that our last entry, if I'm correct, was in September 2008. Crikey. Quite a while ago.

I'm going to go into details of the state of KH over the coming days, but first I'd like to publicly assure any old fans who may wander past this little blog, that after several years out of action, the KH team are back together and working their asses off to bring you the show you fell in love with back in 2006/2007.

And that's not just another false promise. No, we've got three scripts completed for the second season, with another nearing completion. And a fifth is also about to be finished. So that's nearly 5 out of 13 scripts done already! And that's all on top of the 13 from season one, which will be re-released at some point towards the end of the year or start of 2012.

So, more from me very soon, but again, I'm very excited to confirm on this old and lost blog of ours that Knight's Haven is back in action.

Friday, 19 September 2008

VST might be dead, but I think we're still going!

Just a very quick blog to say that yes, we've noticed that the VST forum is, well, gone. No word on the news page from the admins either, which is hardly reassuring. Obviously, this has meant that the staff have had trouble getting in touch with each other. We're trying to sort that one problem out though, in the hope that we can continue to develop this series. Honestly, it's one setback after another these days isn't it?

Still, we shall do our best to ensure the continuation of the show!

(NOTE: For those wondering why I haven't fixed the VST forum myself, I gave up sole ownership of the site to a new team of owners a month or so ago, and obviously no longer have access to the hosting controls from where I'd contact our server provider to fix the issue. You'll have to bug Joshua Maley about that one)