Thursday, 4 September 2008

Just typical, isn't it?

For perhaps a year, KH has been in a state of limbo. Never has there been a risk that the show would be left finished on the cliffhanger of Season One, but at times it has been questioned how we'd go about continuing from there. Format, I mean.

In typical fashion, as soon as we finally put together a workable plan for the second year, disaster strikes. And by disaster, I mean my PC decided it had experienced life and wanted to move on. Yes, my PC died, along with absolutely everything on it. 3.5 years of KH included.

Like any computer fool, I'm one of those people who always tells others to back up, but never do myself. As a result, absolutely no copies exist of any of my stuff. You wouldn't believe the kind of material I've lost. Losing KH material is bad, but try losing all the photographs of your engagement party! Might not mention that to my lady for a while...!

Anyway, the loss is merely a setback. I've lost a lot of important KH material, but none more important than the inprogress season premiere, which I'll know have to go back and write from an earlier point in the story. Also have lost the entire story treatment for it. Fun times. But like I said, merely a setback that might actually inspire me to get the damn script finished quicker than I would have if I hadn't lost the material.

We've lost a few folk, which I discussed in my recent video blog (I'll link below) so won't discuss much here. In case you're on dial-up, I'll just give you the names here: Jon and Adam. Both men honed their skills somewhat on KH, and just as I'd expect, and now taking those skills to pastures new where they can run their own projects and such. Look out for Adam's new Doctor Who material, and keep an eye out for Jon 'cos with any luck he won't just vanish from our little corner of the internet. What wasn't mentioned in the video blog was the departure of Hadrian, even though it happened some time before the blog was filmed. Suppose I'd best mention it here really.

Big things in store for KH, both on and off the scripted page. Expect further announcements soon, including a final season line-up.

Here's the link to the recent video blog. Ignore the bad opening joke.

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