Thursday, 30 June 2011

What inspired the comeback...

The irony in KH's return is that it was inspired by Bard Investigations. I'd read the latter show upon my return to the world of VS, and was very impressed. Immediately, I felt a desire to bring back KH. Little did I know that Bard Investigations, he show that inspired the return of my own project, was in fact full of multiple instances of plagiarism which would eventually lead to its cancellation and the expulsion of its showrunner from many online writing communities.

Initially, I ignored the urge to bring back KH. Why? Because I didn't want to bring it back only to not see it through to the end again. The show means a lot to me, and I didn't want to mess it around again. Eventually, I decided that we should do one final movie to wrap it up. Of course, the movie would have to ignore a lot of the cliffhangers from the series finale, but we soon worked out how to do this in a way that made narrative sense.

After working out the basic plot of the movie, along with some of the action set pieces, etc, I started to re-read the first season. By this point, I'd contacted Jon and Adam and got them back involved. Whilst reading the first season, I suddenly started to miss these characters and the setting. Suddenly, the movie didn't seem like wasn't going to satisfy my need to properly give this group of characters a send off. I wanted to tell my original story, the one that was meant to be spread over five seasons (six at a stretch!).

And suddenly I thought...why the f*ck couldn't we write a full second season, and beyond?

At that moment, Knight's Haven returned as an ongoing series.


trev said...

This is great news!
Looking forward to the comeback.

Electricbolt said...

Great news to see this series make a comeback!

Sorta related and not at the same time, but do you know where I could fine the old stories for "Star's End"? I wanted to finish the story, but there seem to be very few online anywhere.